Green Innovation

During the last years, we have been orienting our system to green innovations, to protect and safeguard the environment, for a greener future and for a safer world, connected to the new environmental policy.

We base our innovative, environmentally-friendly techniques on: 


  • reduction of energy consumption
  • reduction of environmental impact.

Our first aim is to develop, engineer and realize technologies, machines and installations that have low environmental impact and low energy consumption.

For what concerns the surface treatment, cleaning parts requires a high expenditure of water and energy, which also means high costs for the waste management. For this reason, we have not only realized installations that run with new generation, low boiling point and non-ozone depleting solvents (HFE, HFC, etc.), but we have even introduced the Total Heat Pump System for a considerable reduction in energy consumption, about 50% of the power requested in normal machines.

With a philosophy of product innovation development towards environmental protection, MEG is ready to support any new technology and strategy for a green and sustainable future.

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