LSP LINE - Spray Washing Machines

Spray machines mod. LSP are very used in medical sector for the cleaning and passivating of medical instruments after laser labelling or in electronics industry for printed circuit boards.  

These spray machines with rotating washing arms have 20 standards pre-programmed cycles available and 20 additional cycles available for customization. The cleaning cycle can be composed of water-based detergents cleaning, rinsing in demineralized water or tap water and final drying.

A triple water filtering system ensure to capture residue, preventing re-circulation of contaminated material.

The cleaner allows high visibility thanks to the full glass door. Frame and body made of AISI 304 stainless steel and inner cabinet, washing arms and tanks filters in 316L.

They are available in two versions: single door or double door for pass-through application (cleanroom).

Machines equipped of an ergonomic design of the door level height for loading/unloading the parts with the support of a manual transfer trolley.

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