UCT series tanks

We offer a vast range of Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaners from 4 to 110 liters of capacity and 4 models of Ultrasonic Cleaners with Oil Separator, 12, 30, 90 or 160 liters of capacity. They are mostly used in laboratories or studios for their dimensions and ease of use. Absolutely functional and useful for the cleaning of any metal part. Residual grease, abrasive cleaners and oils left in awkward corners and indentations by the machinery used to manufacture any metal parts are easily removed by the ultrasonic cavitation produced in the cleaning solution.

UCT tanks are equipped with an ultrasonic system regulated by a microprocessor that regulates the power supplied to the transducers for obtaining the maximum cleaning power. Through the digital panel is possible to set all cleaning parameters (power, time, temperature) and the current settings are shown on the display.

The Cleaners’ casing is entirely in stainless steel, and therefore offers long-lasting strength and reliability.

Goldsmithery and costume jewelry workshops, dental technicians' laboratories, hospital departments responsible for washing surgical instruments, precision mechanical workshops, optical laboratories and personal use are some of the various uses of UCT tanks. 

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