Advanced systems, modular construction, technology evolution and innovative chemical products characterize our production

We are specialised in engineering and manufacturing:

  • Ultrasonic clearing lines with aqueous solutions
  • Ultrasonic clearing plants running with new generation alternatives products
  • Ultrasonic groups
  • Ultrasonic cleaning tanks
  • Closed solvent degreasing machines
  • Hot air and solvent dryers
  • Automatic transfer systems
  • Demineralising, filtering and water treatment systems
  • Solvent distillers
  • Accessories and complements for the different machineries
  • Detergents and solvents for the specific clearing process

With the experience we acquired with over 25 years, we offer tailored solutions adapted to our customers' needs. Solutions can be configured to fit specific requirements, using and modifying standards units. 

Specific requirements of particular contaminations and parts to clean are oriented to a mixed solution of water detergents and innovative solvents. As our machines and installations are fully electronically controlled, mixed cycles can be programmed according to the loaded parts.

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