Pioneers in the development of technologies for the precision cleaning industry with halogenated and non-flammable solvents, for over 30 years we develop and produce ultrasonic machines and installations.

We always put our expertise at disposal of our customers to find the best solution to all washing problems, with tailor-made installations that reflect the uniqueness of their users.


Aqueous machines and installations are modular systems for water-based processes composed of one or more sections for cleaning, rinsing and drying different components. On its basic version, the aqueous cleaning process is adapt to satisfy different cleaning needs and particular cleaning problems. We design and manufacture tailored solutions according to different requirements and they can include various stages of cleaning, rinsing and drying.


Solvent systems. A solution that permits to design smaller machines than the acqueous ones. The main advantages of this type of cleaning systems are the ease and the speed of drying, due to the fast evaporation of solvents, and the absence of oxidation problems. They can be manual or automatic and run with new generation, low boiling, non-flammable and non-ozone depleting solvents.


Machines with a cleaning process called hybrid as it includes both aqueous and solvent/co-solvent solutions. The aqueous solutions (water and detergent) remove “polar” residues, such as flux activators, salts and contaminants from various processes. The co-solvents, together with the new generation fluorinated solvents, remove the “nonpolar” residues, such as waxes, oils and fluxes. This process allows a  lower water consumption and shorter cycle times in respect of a normal aqueous process with drying furnaces (it will reduce a complete cycle rime from 20 to 10 minutes only).


Machine for tropicalization (thin film coating) of electronic circuit boards through immersion in 3M™ Novec™ EGC 1700 product. The board are placed on a specific holder and, as started the automatic cycle, they will be immersed in the polymerized fluid. During the slow liftout, the boards meet a cooling coils zone that quickly dry of the product, through the condensation of the solvent part of the product on the coils and the polymer solified on the boards.


This machine has been produced for the cleaning of several parts of different industries. The action of ultrasonics with the cleaning efficacy of specific detergents diluted in water, allows the removal of any contamination from the surface, reaching even the smallest cavities and most complex geometries. Manufactured for an intense industrial use and to contain an heavy weight, without loosing its compact design and ease of movement.


UCT machines are mostly used in laboratories or studios for their dimensions and ease of use. Absolutely functional and useful for the cleaning of any metal part. The evolution of these cleaning tanks, is the UCT KOMBI line, that is the smallest version of the lines that allow a complete water and detergent cleaning cycle, requiring minimum amount of space and investment.


Manual or automatic machines and installations for drying with new generation solvents of various components, especially from galvanic. The use of the right solvent is essential for a successful separation of the water from the treated components and so for a good condensation drying.


Spray machines mod. LSP are very used in medical sector for the cleaning and passivating of medical instruments after laser labelling or in electronics industry for printed circuit boards.  


Spray Washing machines Series X are perfectly adapted to the cleaning of lightweight metal parts. They run with water-based solutions at 60°C. The operating principle is based on a rotating platform where parts are placed and a series of nozzles properly sized, that cover the whole surface of the parts. These machines are produced with technical solutions that cut costs without renouncing a quality cleaning and are suitable for lower middle workloads and bulky but lightweight objects.


  • Ultrasonic groups
  • Automatic transfer systems
  • Demineralising, filtering and water treatment systems
  • Solvent distillers
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