When cleaning becomes hard and difficult to remove with solvent or water based processes, the solution we propose a cleaning process called “hybrid” as it includes both aqueous and solvent/co-solvent solutions. The aqueous solutions (water and detergent) remove “polar” residues, such as flux activators, salts and contaminants from various processes. The co-solvents, together with the new generation fluorinated solvents, remove the “nonpolar” residues - such as waxes, oils and fluxes – and the final drying. This process has minimum a waste of water, with related waste disposal, and reduced cycle time.

Furthermore, MEG Hybrid machines offer the possibility to program different cleaning cycles; when detergent cleaning is not required, it is possible to avoid the aqueous tank and do a solvent, co-solvent cleaning and vice versa.   

As for all MEG machines and installations, the application of the Total Heat Pump is the best energy saving strategy. The cleaning with total heat pump is comparable to the normal cleaning with conventional electric heating, but with a 50% lower installed electric capacity.

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