X LINE - Spray Washing Machines

Spray Washing machines Series X are perfectly adapted to the cleaning of lightweight metal parts. They run with water-based solutions at 60°C. The parts to clean are positioned into a Rotary Basket, in which they are cleaned through two hollow cone nozzle series with a tubular steel structure (axial and tangential). These cleaning machines are available in different basket sizes with a diameter from 360 mm to 1400 mm, made of stainless steel AISI 304, and with different optional elements, such as:

-one or two cleaning cycles

-oil separator

-compressed air dryer

-insulation on all heated zones of the machine

-pump for automatic drainage

-double reservoir for rinsing

-drying with hot blown air

The operator, after positioning the parts into the basket, just has to start the automatic cycle. Set up of the temperature and of the cleaning cycle time directly from the electrical panel on the machine. 

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