Advan: Excellent cleanliness, high production speed, and digital integration


Excellent cleanliness, high production speed, and digital integration: Advan’s watchwords for its new dental implant cleaning process.

The surface decontamination of dental implants and prosthetic components is a strategic operation in the production cycle of Advan, which has recently turned into a factory 4.0 by equipping itself with the most modern technologies available on the market for the cleaning and surface treatment of its titanium plants. Thanks to its MEG machines, in particular, it has speeded up its cleaning process by reducing cycle times by a third, improved the cleanliness of components, and optimized business management by integrating cleaning control software into its MEG system.

M. Fumagalli, “Elevato grado di pulizia, velocità produttiva e integrazione digitale: le parole d’ordine di Advan per il nuovo processo di lavaggio dei suoi impianti dentali”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n.76 (luglio/agosto 2022), pagg. 138-142.

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Special Springs – Together for the optimization of the cleaning process


Founded in 1968, Special Springs is now an international company specialized in the production of wire die springs and nitrogen cylinders.

It’s precisely for the cleaning of these cylinders that Special Springs has chosen an automatic ultrasonic degreaser with halogenated solvents that MEG has designed specifically for its needs, which enables it to treat its cylinders in 7 minutes and automatically send them to the robotic quality control station.

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Gioiello di Firenze: cleaning for high fashion industry


The removal of polishing compound from metal surfaces, before galvanic or varnishing process, is one of the most delicate applications in the cleaning industry.

This article by ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine with our prestigious cliente IL GIOIELLO DI FIRENZE S.R.L. is an example we are proud of.

B. Pennati, “Il Gioiello di Firenze: where goldsmithing tradition and innovation meet, also thanks to a new cleaning system”, ICT Industrial Cleaning Technologies n. 19 (february 2021), pages 26-31.

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Rubber production


Ultrasonic cleaning of moulds for the production of technical components and O-ring in rubber. Machine realized for our customer Tecnogomma

Good read!

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Covid-19: MEG activities temporarily suspended


A seguito dell'ultimo DPCM sulla situazione Covid-19, le nostre attività produttive sono temporaneamente sospese.

Siamo disponibil per urgenze e qualsiasi informazione all'indirizzo

Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente, tuttavia stiamo ci stiamo organizzando per una grande ripartenza!


Ulteriori aggiornamenti a breve, restiamo in contatto!

MEG S.r.l.


Following the last decree about the Covid-19, our production activities are temporarily suspended.

We are still available for urgencies and any information at

We apologize for any inconvenience, however we are working on a great restart!


More updates will follow soon, let's keep in touch!

MEG S.r.l.

Communication on the subject of the COVID-19 – Update from MEG S.r.l.


Concerning the delicate situation about the spread of the Covid-19, we confirm we are open and completely operative.


MEG has proceeded to apply all provisions of containment, nationally and regionally established. Furthermore, the company has taken extraordinary measures of sanitation, internal reorganization, smart-working and higher attention, for the protection of the health and for the tranquility of all workers, customers and suppliers.


We are completely operative and at the moment we don’t have any kind of problem in terms of provisioning and shipment.


We are at your disposal for any information



MEG S.r.l.

The Management

High cleaning quality level required by Marposs for its measuring and control instruments' components


Marposs has been collecting business for over sixty years.

It was established by Mario Possati in Bologna in 1952, with the idea to produce and market an innovative electronic device for taking measures during grinding.

Read the article published on Industrial Cleaning Technology. The machines produced by MEG for Marposs in 2017, one of our best achievements of the year

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RSM Group: a new cleaning plant opens up market opportunities



Non-ferrous metal parts are utilised in a variety of industries that have very high quality requirements.

Markets such as the hydraulics and the marine and aviation sectors use these parts for production where there is no margin for the slightest error. Now customers are increasingly demanding services to complete parts production and finishing, such as dimensional controls, chemical analysis of materials, special packaging, and last but not least, efficient parts cleaning.

RSM Group, a company based in Soliera specializing in the supply of non-ferrous mechanical components, specifically bronze, brass and aluminium, executed a comprehensive development plan in only five years to respond to these new market demands. The steps included the purchase of an ultrasound cleaning system designed and produced by MEG Srl, a decision that has enabled RSM to meet the requirements and cleaning specifications of a major Swiss multinational.

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Ultrasonic cleaning for internal combustion engine pistons


The high degree of cleanliness with a detergent and ultrasonic cleaning process for internal combustion engine pistons [...]

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Single bath cleaning process


Single bath cleaning process for high quality springs [...]

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