JOB PRECISION - A mixed-cycle cleaning plant for excellent preparation of hi-tech components


Two cleaning systems in one: this was the choise of Dutch precision machining specialist Job Precision, which opted for a technologically advanced plant that meets the high cleaning requirements of its components to be assembled in a clean room while significantly reducing process time and energy consumption. 

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GENERAL SERVICE - The efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and fast high-precision cleaning of electronic boards


Multi-service company General Service has recently expanded its offer with new business devoted to producing boards for the electronics sector. This performs both intermediate and final cleaning operations with a MEG 2S 53 + C AC system, a highly efficient automated solution that removes contaminants quickly and thoroughly through a quality, safety, and sustainability-oriented approach.


G. Lazzari, “The efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and fast high-precision cleaning of General Service’s electronic boards”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 24 (settembre 2023), pagg. 10-17.

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MONWITT SA – A flexible, hybrid cleaning process to meet high cleanliness standards in the Swiss watch industry


Mechanical watch is a miniature machine consisting of at least 50 micro-gears; their constant movement is ensured by the perfect concatenation of one into the other to transmit the energy required for perpetual operation. 

Immersion ultrasonic cleaning is the only solution that can be effective with the most diverse materials, particularly when it comes to precision micro-components with complex shapes. MEG has made this technology even more effective by integrating it in a hybrid solution combining the use of water and detergent with solvent, in order to achieve the extreme flexibility degree required by companies such as Monwitt SA, a manufacturer of precision micro-components for the watchmaking industry.


M. Fumagalli, “A flexible, hybrid cleaning process to meet high cleanliness standards in the Swiss watch industry”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 81 (maggio/giugno 2023), pagg. 196-200.

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CAREL INDUSTRIES and the choice of the EGC process


The Electronic Grade Coating process stands as a valid alternative in the protection of the board from humidity compared to the traditional conformal coating process. It’s a tropicalization process that ensure long-lasting performance, lower application costs, reduction of process times and labor costs. It also guarantees a high quality level and, by not using VOC and flammable material, safety for the environment and for the operators.


Perfetti coating micrometrici”, in PCB magazine n.02 (Marzo 2023), pagg. 90-92 autore Paolo Paolucci.

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Today we present a new multifunctional space designed and built to let you touch and see our technology in action. A place that would allow us not only to exhibit our production of new systems ready for delivery, but also to host a new test laboratory for washing tests and an environment where we can meet our customers, with meeting areas and a large reception area.

We have chosen MECSPE to present it officially and we want to thank you Tecniche Nuove for helping us to do it in the best way.

Emanuela Bianchi “Non solo Showroom”, in Trattamenti e finiture, n. 5 Aprile 2023 (pag. 82-84)

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Surface cleanliness is a key factor in the proper functioning of precision gears such as the satellite roller screws manufactured by ROLLVIS SA, a Swiss company specialising in the design and production of components for demanding sectors. This is why it relied on a new-generation HFE solvent-based machine supplied by MEG in order to increase the speed, quality, and reproducibility of its cleaning operations.


L’elevata qualità e riproducibilità del lavaggio di viti a rulli satelliti per applicazioni esigenti di ROLLVIS”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n.23 (Febbraio 2023), pagg. 12-15 autore Gabriele Lazzari.

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A large part of the products leaving the manufacture must go through an intermediate or final washing phase, and the electronic sector is not an exception. In some ways a delicate step, where the effectiveness of the operation depends on the characteristics of the object produced, which is sensitive to the combination of water with detergents, or solvents, at temperature and pressure.

The current standard in electronics is to use spray machines. MEG, on the other side, proposes a different solution. A washing by immersion which uses a different technology, and which allows a quick, effective and economically advantageous washing, especially in the presence of a certain production volume.


G. Goglio, “Elettronica: lavaggio a ultrasuoni”, in PCB Magazine (ottobre 2022), pagg. 88-91

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MEG - BORER Hybrid line


What have in common MEG and BORER, apart from the ability to respond promptly to the needs of a wide range of customers? A well thought out strategic partnership.

The collaboration with serious partners with whom to share objectives and values is always fertile ground for the birth of new ideas and quality products, able to satisfy every type of customer, even the most demanding. This is the case we want to present: the history of the partnership between BORER and MEG, which has borne excellent results in the field, for example, of Swiss watchmaking.


Emanuela Bianchi “Soluzioni. Lavaggio Ibrido Green”, in Trattamenti e finiture, n. 5 Ottobre 2022 (pag. 72-74)

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Advan: Excellent cleanliness, high production speed, and digital integration


Excellent cleanliness, high production speed, and digital integration: Advan’s watchwords for its new dental implant cleaning process.

The surface decontamination of dental implants and prosthetic components is a strategic operation in the production cycle of Advan, which has recently turned into a factory 4.0 by equipping itself with the most modern technologies available on the market for the cleaning and surface treatment of its titanium plants. Thanks to its MEG machines, in particular, it has speeded up its cleaning process by reducing cycle times by a third, improved the cleanliness of components, and optimized business management by integrating cleaning control software into its MEG system.

M. Fumagalli, “Elevato grado di pulizia, velocità produttiva e integrazione digitale: le parole d’ordine di Advan per il nuovo processo di lavaggio dei suoi impianti dentali”, in ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n.76 (luglio/agosto 2022), pagg. 138-142.

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Special Springs – Together for the optimization of the cleaning process


Founded in 1968, Special Springs is now an international company specialized in the production of wire die springs and nitrogen cylinders.

It’s precisely for the cleaning of these cylinders that Special Springs has chosen an automatic ultrasonic degreaser with halogenated solvents that MEG has designed specifically for its needs, which enables it to treat its cylinders in 7 minutes and automatically send them to the robotic quality control station.

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